What is FORMO?

What does MISB mean? And MIB?

MISB stands for Mint In Sealed Box. It means the FORMO is still in a closed box. The box has never been opened yet. Especially with old(er) FORMO this is interesting, for example because of the contents of the set (which parts are exactly in the set of this box?).

MIB stands for Mint In Box. The FORMO has not been played with, but the box has been opened (once).

What does MOC mean?

MOC stands for My Own Creation. A selfdesigned and -build (art)work of FORMO.

What is a AFOF?

A AFOF is a Adult Fan Of FORMO (collector).

(AFOF is derived from AFOL = Adult Fan of Lego.)

Where can I buy (oold) FORMO?

Er zijn (nog) maar weinig adressen waar FORMO te koop is.

How should I clean (old) FORMO the best way?

The best way to clean FORMO is in plenty handwarm water with some washing powder. Regularly stir and let it stay overnight. Then flush with plenty cold water and dry on a towel.

Do you have another question?

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