This part of the site is about FORMO buildingbricks. Originally called 'FORMO-System' or 'FORMO-Bausystem'. This last name clarifies two things: FORMO originates from Germany (former DDR) and it is a toy for modelbuilding.

The history of FORMO is tumultuous. Started as private company it has later been reformed to statecompany and after the fall of the wall later the company 'fell' as well. To start in 2003 again. From the available sources the following historical view can be made.

Registration Patent Bausteinen und Dachkonstruktionen. [Bk]1957
Start company Gothear Kunststoffverarbeitung W. u. H. Wind. [Bk]1958
Registration Patent Grund- und Fundamentplatten. [Bk]1958
Plasteck to FORMO renamed.1970 or before
Reformed to company of the state, the VEB Gothaer Kunststoffverarbeitung. [Bk]
(VEB = VolksEigener Betrieb)
Fall of the wall.1989/1990
Gothaer Kunststoffverarbeitung to Gothaer Kunststofftechnick renamed. [Bk]1993 ?
End of FORMO production ?1993 ?
Restart as FORMO system. [IW] [Fs]2003

Form without future [Bk]

Werner Wind
Memories of a Thuringer manufacturer
(Partial text)

... at 1. Juli 1958 ...

First steps into the building toy branche...

To this date, I founded the company
Gothaer Kunststoffverarbeitung W. u. H. Wind,
Gotha, Annastraße 8. Already in 1956 did
I obtain knowledge on the production of timber,
stone, and plastic kits. I became
aware of at least 10 to 11 different
known designs. So I reported
on my behalf on April 12 and August 3
in 1957 the building blocks and the roof structure
and on August 18, 1958 the base and foundation
management boards as a plastic construction set
as exclusionpatent. This was already made from 1956/57
in the operation under the name Plasteck.
In the GDR children and parents expected, after
learning from relatives and the media about
Lego, too such a building toy.
Until 1970 reached in the meantime Formo
renamed with the plastic modular plug-
stones beside PeBe (Paul Berhardt company, Bad
Kosen), the largest production volume in the
DDR. Our building blocks were quite popular.

Translated with and here and there free adjusted. [Aut]


Technical drawing of Formo-Stone [Bk]

This document seems to be dated november 14, 1972.

Basebuildingitem - Whole stone -
Stone normal height with 2 x 4 knobs

Whole stone
Scale 2:1
B - GaS - 72

Translated with and here and there free adjusted. [Aut]

Review of Formo and PeBe door de „Plastlenkstelle” of the GDR, 1972 [Bk]

This document is dated dec. 11, 1972.

VEB Gothaer Kunststoffverarbeitung
Colleague Wind

58    G o t h a
Kastanienallee 4

Standardization of plastic kits

Dear colleague Wind!

Below I am giving you my opinion on your building-
toy system.
The material used for "FORMO" - and "PeBe" type has been with us
It arises that the system "FORMO" has a 25 to 45% less
material use per finished part, depending on the number of knobs per
stone than in the system "Pebe".

The material economy speaks so clearly in favor of the system "FORMO".

Since the DAMW, Department of Wood and cultural goods in a
passed to us assessment of high play value and Varialble?
confirmed the applicability of the system "FORMO" I consider it
required (the material-economic factors alone are here
already the rash), the proposed standardization of these
fully modular types towards the full application of the
System "Formo" to operate.

For production of spare tools and developments please
I however due to the tense situation the tool possibilities
speed of the application form replaceable inserts (not just the same
mold inserts by wear, but also of 1 x 2 with 2 x 2
and 3 x 2 and other Bausteingrößem, similar to the current
production use) fully.

I present it to you freely, my opinion is the product group
Plastic toys, and the Werzkeugbilanzierung DAMW to Ver-
to make additions and please me in on the progress to-
With socialist greetings !
F.d.R.d.A.gez. P u p p e

Translated with and here and there free adjusted. [Aut]


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