This part of the site is about FORMO buildingbricks. Originally called 'Plasteck' and later 'FORMO-System' or 'FORMO-Bausystem'. This last name clarifies two things: FORMO originates from Germany and it is a toy for modelbuilding. There is also an extensive part of the site about LEGO® from which FORMO partly a derivative is.

What is special about FORMO?

In the first place with FORMO there is the focus on constructing buildings like houses, factories, bridges and alike. FORMO comprises primarily buildingbricks, plates, roofs - with many variations -, doors and windows.

And secondly, the roofconstructions of FORMO are even considered unique - even today the realistic roofing tiles are not found with any comparable construction toy!

At the different pages on this site more information can be found on the different buildingbricks. And ofcourse the story behind FORMO is told: the start, the development, the 'end' and the 'restart' of this remarkable toy.


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