Parts: Windows

The basis for the following tables, the first sample book [V1]. This is the historical numbering of parts. The numbering under Plasteck is marked with [P2]. The modern numbering is marked with [Fs].


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ID [Aut]Description [V1]# [P2]# [V1]# [Fs]
5100Window, normal with 3 knobs4135.1.5100
5200Window, 2 x 2 glasses, with 4 knobs-5.2.-
5300Window, 2 x 3 glasses, with 4 knobs-5.3.-
5400Windowinsert for largeblock-5.4.-
5500Storefront window with 6 knobs-5.5.-
5600Window, three part with 4 knobs-5.6.-
5700Window with 2 knobs-5.7.-
5800Window with shutters with 4 knobs-5.8.-


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