MORC = My Own ReCreation.
Most MORCs are rebuilds from Idea Books [IB240], [IB241] and [IB242]. For the parts the year 1969 was used as original source. Hence the parts are ABS, 'Pat. pend.', new logo on studs and mold pip side. Windows are with Extended Lip, Tiles without Groove.

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Sq [Aut]Name [Aut]Ref.# of parts
1Train Depot - Yellow with Red Windows, Black Roof (12v)[IB241] p82795
2Train Depot - Red with White Windows, Black Roof (12v)[IB241] p58467
3Train Depot - Yellow with Red Windows, Light Gray Roof (12v)[IB241] p84686
4Loc (6 x 22) + Tender (6 x 12) ''[IB241] p43180
5Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with 2 Cars[IB241] p4467
6Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 16) with Crane[IB241] p46100
7Diesel Loc (6 x 22)[IB241] p46118
8Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with Tractor[IB241] p4775
9Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with 2 Forklift[IB241] p4883
10Pipe Wagon (Open 6 x 16)[IB241] p4891
11Rail Wagon (Open 6 x 16)[IB241] p4839
12Tank Wagon (Closed 6 x 24) with 4 Tanks[IB241] p49122
13Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with 2 Tractors[IB241] p4985
14Train Station[IB241] p75883
15Passenger Train[IB241] p76719
16Windmill factory[IB241] p14567
17Bagage Wagon (Open 6 x 16)[IB241] p4429
18Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with Tipper[IB241] p4432
19Bridge[IB241] p83-
20Diesel Loc (6 x 22)[IB241] p51158
21Flat Wagon (Open 6 x 24) with Rocket[IB241] p52141
22Loc (6 x 22)[IB241] p53192
23Warehouse[IB241] p49114
24Goods Wagon (Open 6 x 16)?48
25Transport Wagon (Closed 6 x 24)?66
26Loc (6 x 16)[IB241] p524
27Tipper Wagon (6 x 12)[IB241] p4631
28Town Scene (50 x 50)[IB240] p08-
29Bridge[IB241] p75699
30Factory-building[IB242] p15251
31Brick People (Station)?14
32Train Signals (4x)[IB241] p9152
33Transmission Tower[IB241] p75223
34Stadium / Flat (Abstract Model)[IB241] p75988
35Brick People (YS-COLA)[IB240] p3556
36Brick People (Forklift)[IB241] p9079
37Lamp Post (4x)?62
38Lamp Post (1x)?23
39Factory[IB242] p49950


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