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What are "Bayer bricks"?

These beautiful bricks in different transparent colors are Bayer bricks from early 1960. More different Bayer bricks exist and on this page we give an overview of the bricks from the Pat. pend. era. It contains the results of three years research and collecting of these bricks, which started in 2006 with just one Trans-Yellow brick.


What are (Bayer) bricks made from?

Plastic LEGO® parts are made from so-called granulate grains. These grains are supplied by Bayer Polymer Division from Germany. To test CA and ABS plastic, Bayer has made 2 x 4 bricks (with Bottom Tubes) with a mold supplied by TLG. Bayer bricks are therefore original LEGO® bricks, made by Bayer. With this #3001old-mold, bricks without Cross Support can be made. These test bricks have been made in many colors and other differences. Among collectors these bricks are referred to as "Bayer bricks".

CA with LEGO logo on Studs and Pat. pend. underneath

Based on the characteristics CA, Pat. pend. and Mold Pip location these bricks are the oldest known so far.

Bayer bricks made from CA plastic exist with the Old Logo on the Studs and one (or two) Mold Pip(s) on an Edge. The bricks on the picture above are opaque.

TLG produced CA 2 x 4 bricks in Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow and Trans-Clear. Bayer made bricks in other colors as well like Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Lila, Pink, Brown and (many) more. The bricks on the picture above are translucent. These bricks have 'Pat. pend.' printed underneath.

The real beauties among the Bayer bricks are the transparent colors. On te picture in colors Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow (in two shades). Other known colors are Light-Blue and Light-Purple. These bricks have 'Pat. pend.' printed underneath.

ABS with LEGO logo on Studs and Pat. pend. underneath

Uncertain whether this is a Bayer brick or a regular one, but most certainly a rare brick: an Blueish-Grey color with old logo and Pat. pend. underneath.

Test bricks made from ABS plastic exist with new logo on the studs and Mold Pip on the Side. These bricks also have 'Pat. pend.' on the underside.

Above are a grey marbled brick and a metallic green one.

Also beautiful is this Purple transparent brick with new logo on studs and Pat. pend. underneath.

ABS with other logos on Studs and Pat. pend. underneath

Bayer made these bricks to test the plastic, but also to test the strenght with which the bricks clasp together.

For this bricks were made e.g. with one Stud printed 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D' and the other seven Studs nothing. The letter designates the difference in strength ('A' = weakest, 'D' = strongest).

Other bricks have two Studs printed 'A', 'B', 'C' or 'D' and the other six Studs nothing. These bricks also have 'Pat. pend.' underneath. Most of these bricks are opaque color, and some are translucent.

ABS with other logos on Studs and without Pat. pend.

More recent Bayer bricks do not have Pat. pend. underneath, but some numbering or even nothing.

Known variations have 'C' on 7 Studs with one Stud blank or 'C' or 'F' on 8 Studs. Nothing printed underneath, and with the Mold Pip is on the Long Side.

Yet another variation has 'B', 'D' or 'C1' on 7 Studs and 'LEGO' on one Stud. This one Stud also has the Mold Pip. Some of these bricks are translucent, others are opaque.

Some marbled bricks are very beautiful. Who knows what other variations might turn up next...



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